Waking x Circles


yesterday a friend posted a picture of a dandelion, its golden mane of sundew forsaken for the diaphanous gray that bespeaks of endings. potential energy embodied in a cotton cloud โ€“ the power of dreams held so gently in a thousand seeds of hope ready to explode into a breath of maybeitcouldhappens โ€” possibility incarnate. […]

If I could carry your laugh on my lips, Bring the fierce ember glow of your eyes With me always, embossed on my skin Inside and out, tattooed on my eyelids, Freckles on my arm coalescing into dotwork Depicting our first midnight kiss, If I could freeze and frame and hang this day, This perfect […]

When darkness comes to take our hands, rage against the dying of the light We tell ourselves the time is right To fight against it; to live in the light. Barnstorming days, kamikaze nights When darkness comes to take our hands, For youth and love and fearless flight, We embrace the pain and turn it […]

the dank corners of your heart were never meant to be buried, were never meant to be suffocated under sediment lifetimes, strata of untruths this is your excavation manual, archaeology 101 โ€“ frame it in gold-leaf, mount it on the wall for it tells you how to unearth the very dark that you buried let […]